Our Students


Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

DSC_4044 Demetria is not your average student. From handgames to homework, her story is an inspiration for Native scholars everywhere.

She is not only a high-performing student, the forerunner in her school’s handgames club, President of SIPI’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter, avid volunteer, and AIHEC (American Indian Higher Education Consortium) student representative for her region; but she is also a mother and an example of hard work and success.

“Ultimate success for her means “being able to have that job that you love going to every single day.”

A defining symbol of success for Demetria is not in the paycheck or the praise, but in the sense of accomplishment. Indeed, she has already done a lot for her family, peers, and community. “I’m doing it,” she says, “and I’m trying my hardest.”

This year Demetria is a scholarship recipient through the American Indian College Fund, an opportunity that has allowed her to explore her interests more by attending conferences like AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society). These networking opportunities, she explains, have not only helped her professionally, but also personally.

After getting her degree from SIPI, Demetria plans to continue her education and eventually work in a field that allows her to give back to her community, whether through criminal justice or tribal law. She is extremely motivated to give back to Indian country and her current involvement and activities are all geared towards this goal. The details of how and where she’ll fulfill this task are just one of many long-term dreams she has and will no doubt accomplish.

Despite her full schedule that is both “overwhelming and a blessing,” Demetria is pursuing her passion and finding her success in Indian Country. Demetria plans to continue on her successful trajectory long after this semester is complete. The motivation for success, she states, is something that is “within you, you wake up to do it every day.”