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Tohono O’odham
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Kristan has been attending college for the past few years, but within the past two she has dedicated herself to attending full-time. This is no easy task, as she has a husband and three children, ages 14, 11, and 2.

Because family life is so important to Kristan, she tries to structure her life around her family and be involved with her children’s education as much as possible, because “I feel that this is the foundation of who they will become later in life.”

Kristan says by attending college, she is trying to set the example of the importance of higher education to her children. “I hope that they witness the hard work and sacrifices it takes to attend college AFTER establishing a family, whereas it seems to be more flexible to attend college right after high school,” she says.

Kristan is awaiting acceptance into the University of Arizona, where she will pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business. She says she is “taking in all that I can” and is “loving every minute of it. I am amazed at what I am learning, and learning something new each day, especially in the area of O’odham culture and language. I think it is awesome that Tohono O’odham Community College has incorporated it into its curriculum. It gives me the opportunity to learn things that my parents didn’t pass on.”

In addition to her studies and spending time with her family, Kristan finds time to volunteer as a coach for co-ed t-ball and girls’ softball. She is also the Parish Council President at her church, and sits on the board of directors for the San Solano Mission for the Diocese of Tucson.