We’ve Moved the National Needle!


Salish Kootenai Graduation

There are only two ways to increase the number of American Indians with college degrees:
• Get more students in college; and
• Keep more students in college through and including graduation.

As a direct result of your support, we’ve made significant progress in both of these areas. Through focused recruitment efforts, engaging families and communities in instilling the value of education in our youth, strengthening college readiness curriculum in our middle and high schools and helping students navigate the complexities in applying for both college and financial assistance; we are seeing a tremendous increase in applications for scholarships – a 400% increase over the past few years. Proof positive that more American Indian youth are pursuing college degrees.

And, by providing additional support to our students – including tutoring, mentoring, internships and leadership programs to name a few – Graduation rates among our scholarship recipients have increased by 36%!

This combination has moved the national needle of American Indians with college degrees over the past two years – from less than 13% to 13.8%! Keeping in mind that every percentage point represents about 25,000 students, that means with your help, in the past two years, we’ve empowered almost 25,000 American Indians to achieve their greatest potential.

Thousands of American Indian college graduates are already making significant positive change. From strengthening economic development in their communities to influencing national and international public policy, our graduates are soaring beyond expectations, blasting through challenges and leaving obstacles in their dust. As policy makers, engineers, environmental scientists, teachers, lawyers, health care professionals, business owners and artists for social change, their contributions will be unparalleled and the good they create will be felt for generations to come.