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Faculty Development

Fellowships for Tribal College and University (TCU) Faculty

The American Indian College Fund offers three fellowships for TCU faculty members. For all fellowships:

  • You must be a faculty member at a Tribal College or University (TCU)
  • Adjunct/par- time instructors, administrators, and TCU leaders who teach at least one course are eligible to apply. Staff members who meet certain criteria may apply for the Mellon Master’s Fellowship.
  • Applicants must obtain administrative approval from their TCU administrators to take sufficient leave time to complete all requirements of the fellowship within the fellowship’s time limit.  (Note, this does not mean a full sabbatical must be granted, just the amount of release time required to ensure successful completion of the program).
  • Applicants are required to sign an agreement stating they will continue teaching at a TCU for at least two years following the completion of the fellowship (or one year in the case of the pre-dissertation fellowship).

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Fellowship

Faculty who are “all but dissertation” (ABD) in a Ph.D. program are eligible to apply.  The amount of the fellowship award is $40,000 for a one year period.  It is expected that the fellow will be conferred their Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) by the end of this period. For further information contact Natalie Youngbull.

Mellon Master’s Fellowship

TCU faculty members and staff members with teaching responsibilities who are likely to become faculty may apply for up to $20,000 in assistance to complete master’s degrees. Preference is given to master’s study in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. For further information and application materials check back here for future funding opportunities.

Nyswander/Blanchard Pre-Dissertation Fellowship

Faculty enrolled in a Ph.D. program at any level are eligible for this fellowship.  The dollar amount of the award varies year to year as it is endowment driven, but ranges from $2,000-$9,000. For further information contact Natalie Youngbull.

For further information please contactNatalie Youngbull, Faculty Development Program Officer  | (303) 426-8900