How to Apply

We offer two scholarship programs, TCU and Full Circle scholarships, each with their own deadlines and requirements. Please review the Scholarship Programs page to determine the program(s) to which you are applying. In some cases, a student may be eligible to apply for both. All students applying for either scholarship must complete the online application.

How to Complete Your Application

You are able to save your profile to complete it at a later date, but are not able to save the application once you have started so please take your time and have all necessary documents ready.

  • Profile —Be sure your contact information is accurate.
  • Application – Questions and three short answers that we evaluate to make awards.
  • Documents—Required information to help us determine your eligibility:

The following information is required on your online application. You will not be able to submit the application until all required sections are complete. Once an application has been submitted you may not change anything.

1. Digital photo– Photos are shared with our donors to encourage them to make future donations. Upload a digital photo that’s at least 1.5 MB in size. Please be sure it’s a photo that a donor would like to see. See our Application Photos Q&A for further tips.

2. Tribal Affiliation- Submit your CIB or other proof of enrollment. If you are not enrolled, but have an enrolled parent or grandparent, please submit proof of tribal enrollment for the enrolled relative and include birth certificates that prove that you are a descendant.  (Alaska Natives can show proof of Native corporation membership). Additional information for proving descendency can be found here.

3. Transcripts (Full Circle applicants only) – Upload your most recent college transcript. Unofficial transcripts are accepted. Students just starting college should upload their high school transcript or GED score report. Transcripts must be uploaded before the application can be submitted. The short answers will NOT SAVE unless the transcript is uploaded in the same session.

Start Filling Out Your Application

Each year the Full Circle Scholarship Program’s application deadline is May 31st. Applicants are notified about the scholarship decision via email in early August. Students may log into the online application at any time to check their current status under the “Applications” tab.

The TCU Scholarship Program application deadlines are determined by your college. Please refer to the Financial Aid office for details.

For more information about the American Indian College Fund scholarships, please email or call (800-776-3863).