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Below are profiles of some of the students who have benefited from the support the American Indian College Fund has provided. If you are a student or alumnus who would like to share your success story, please click here to submit your information.


 Alli: Cheyenne River Lakota Nation

Alli is in her third year at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Indigenous liberal studies (ILS) and a certificate in business and entrepreneurship. She chose to attend IAIA because they offered courses infused with indigenous perspectives…. READ MORE

Brennan: Menominee

Brennan (Menominee) is a first-generation college student studying biological and physical sciences at the College of Menominee Nation…. READ MORE

Brett: Standing Rock Sioux

Brett, a decorated Veteran, is putting his values of service and hard work to the test at United Tribes Technical College, where he is studying to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice… READ MORE

Dahkota: Wilton Rancheria

Dahkota Kicking Bear Brown: One of Our #ReasonsforHope… READ MORE

Erika: Chippewa-Cree

Erika is an enrolled member of the Chippewa-Cree tribe in Rocky Boy, Montana who grew up caring for a younger brother and sister while her mother worked. “My mom, siblings, and I moved around a lot because my mom was constantly looking for employment,” she says. “It was very hard for us financially and there was only enough money to pay for basic necessities such as rent, food, and utilities… Some months we had to depend on my grandparents to help us out.” … READ MORE

Joaquin and Anjelica: Jicarilla Apache/ Pueblo of Santa Ana

Academic achievement is a family affair with this brother-sister duo of Joaquin and Anjelica (Jicarilla Apache and Santa Ana Pueblo)… READ MORE

Joel: Caddo

New MBA Joel Smith (Caddo) Pays Success Forward… READ MORE

Marian: White Mountain Apache

Marian grew up on the Fort Apache reservation in Arizona, where she was adopted by her aunt when I was about two years old. She says she spent her younger years wondering why she was adopted and why her biological mother didn’t try to get her back. She decided to put all of her energy into school and excelled… READ MORE

Marilyn: Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Family Matters: Mother and Daughter Reflection on College, Success… READ MORE

Waylon: Lummi and Northern Cheyenne

Waylon (Lummi and Northern Cheyenne) is one of a small number of American Indian college graduates. Only 13% of American Indian students age 25 or older have a college degree—115% below the national level. Too often talented Native students forego a college education due to finances. For Waylon, a talented young man who comes from a traditional Lummi fishing family in the Pacific Northwest, college was something his family could not afford… READ MORE