Our Students

Joaquin and Anjelica

Jicarilla Apache/ Pueblo of Santa Ana
University of Colorado – Denver


Academic achievement is a family affair with this brother-sister duo of Joaquin and Anjelica
(Jicarilla Apache and Santa Ana Pueblo). Joaquin, a 2014 University of Colorado Denver (UCD) graduate and the only undergraduate intern at the prestigious Center for Native Oral Health Research at the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus, followed his college experience to work on national health issues in Washington, D.C.

Although he originally planned to pursue a career in the medical field, Joaquin says his work in Washington showed him that he could make a greater national impact working on a broad policy level rather than working patient to patient. He decided to pursue a career in law, and is currently applying to law schools with the plan to start school in the fall of 2016.

Anjelica is getting ready to build her career in architecture after graduating from UCD this December 2015.

Both brother and sister say their success would not have been possible without the American Indian College Fund (the College Fund). Anjelica says, “As an architecture major, I had to buy a lot of expensive supplies in addition to paying for tuition and room and board. I received the Full Circle Scholarship from the American Indian College Fund for four years, and it helped me with those out-of-pocket expenses.”

Joaquin says in addition to the scholarship support he and his sister received, the College Fund “helped us develop into scholars. Without their help navigating college and their advice, that would not have been possible. They have been a guide for us.”

As students like Joaquin and Angelica graduate, they share their successes, benefitting their communities and the nation.

Joaquin says, “Our parents felt we could turn education into something positive and help more people other than just ourselves. Our work is not just about us personally but about our community as a whole.”