Student Blogger, Therese: Friends-Angels Among Us

Aug 15, 2012 | Archives, Blog

During my summer season I have created some heart-fluttering, wake-up-smiling, indefinable memories with my friends, some of which have been accompanied with acquaintances.

Friendship is among life’s sacred gifts.  I have a small circle of friends, with an outer expansive ring around it that includes acquaintances, akin to the ripple effect on a pool of water.

A friend and I were discussing this situation, which led me to ponder how I acquire fewer friends than acquaintances, and what defines each. While I was reflecting on this, an angel friend guided me to Wikipedia, which states, “[…part of the] role of angels includes protecting and guiding human beings.” I started wondering: in order to grace angels with the reverence of their service, is it respectful to create an innermost circle, then a ring of friends, around their circle?

More pondering commenced as I wondered what was special and unique about friends? I once heard someone say, “Friends are your chosen family.” I recall at the time quietly agreeing. In the dictionary, the definition of a friend includes: 1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard; 2. a person who gives assistance.

Angels and friends share roles of guiding and giving assistance. After all, isn’t it a friend or the angels you turn to when your heart is wide open to release sorrow, pain, joy, bliss, anger, confusion, self-doubt, or any and everything you know you won’t be judged for? But it is our friends that are present through moments when you need them to hand you a Kleenex while you mumble and hiccup through tears and to sharing your happiness during life’s many exciting moments, accomplishments, and rite of passages.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually call on my angel friends to tell them I just got accepted to travel to Venus, since I figure this is past news to them by the time I have received the news myself. I usually include angel friends in my gratitude prayer for assisting me with manifesting miracles, sometimes along with a mundane request (to which they understandably respond to by ignoring me). At their convenience, they blast me with the wise message that it is my will and not their role to provide me with what I am capable of choosing and doing for myself!

This kind of honesty is what we seek from a good friend; one who will remind us of our strengths and also let us know when we are doing something that is foolish.

I have never given much thought or consideration to my friendships based on “…attachment by feelings of affection or personal regard.” But this definition of friendship certainly rings a bell, otherwise how could you ever develop a bond? I have also never thought of being emotionally attached to my angel friends until now, but I certainly am. Angels are my life lines. I confess more vulnerable emotions to them than my friends. On another note, there are some things I would shrink over if I were to voice them to the angels.

Time is not always a factor in determining whether or not someone is admitted to my circle of friends. I can know someone for many moons and consider them merely an acquaintance. With others I have formed a magnetic connection of friendship before the sun has set. Friends and acquaintances come into our lives and pass with the seasons. Sometimes several seasons pass and friendships spring up like weeds and are continuous.

It seems friends are in our hearts and memories, always and forever, like angels among us. Now I’m feeling inspired to call on a friend to create a magic moment with! Thank you angels for bringing me the gift of friends!


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