Dollar General GED/HSE Articles

Sinte Gleska University GED Tutor Identifies Keys to Student Success

Throughout her 17 years at Sinte Gleska University (SGU), GED Tutor Linda Boes has seen many changes in how students are prepared for the exam. Yet the fundamentals of working with adult learners have stayed the same. Boes works at SGU’s Adult Basic Education department’s eastern reservation offices in Gregory and Winner in South Dakota. 

The Transition

Just about every educational institution worldwide made the transition to distance learning; some have been successful while others are still struggling. Tohono O’odham Community College’s GED program made the transition to online instruction this semester. Though it is still a trial and error process, our work is progressing.

GED/HSE Program: Electronic TABE Informational Training Webinar

The American Indian College Fund’s Dollar General American Indian and Alaska Native Literacy and Adult Education Program helps students in pursuit of a GED or high school equivalency by supporting the TCU staff and programming that gets them there. There are always...

The Face of a New Time?

By Mark Saraficio, Tohono O’odham Community College GED Instructor The year 2020 was the start of a new decade. Hundreds of social media influencers across the globe stated that this year all the holidays and other special dates landed on perfect days of the week....