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Dollar General GED/HSE Articles

Well-Founded Faith in GED Students

By Hannah Gonzales, American Indian College Fund Program Assistant Note: This blog post was intended to be published before we found ourselves amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the GED/HSE programming at TCUs that we support has halted as a result of societal and...

Sinte Gleska University Offers GED Tutoring at Adult Correctional Facility

By Sherman Marshall, SGU Adult Basic Education Director Editor’s Note: This blog post was submitted before the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic ensued. The pandemic’s ramifications have halted much of GED programming and testing at TCUs, though project directors and GED...

Community Recruitment Events: Comedy brings in students at SIPI

Higher ed has a student enrollment problem. Nationally, student enrollment is down 10% in the last decade, with New Mexico rates at nearly twice that, even though colleges made improvements to serve students better than ever.

First Steps to New Beginnings

This winter season has been a cold one, especially for Arizona and the Tohono O’odham Nation. The sun shines and the skies are open and blue. One would think it is a warm sunny day until they walk out into the open and discover that it is 42 degrees.