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Stand with Native Students in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

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Statement About the Corona Virus or COVID-19

The American Indian College Fund is committed to continuing its support of Native American students and tribal colleges during the Corona Virus outbreak.

Tribal Colleges and Universities: Building Nations, Revitalizing Identity

Tribal colleges and universities are unlike any other higher education institution. Cheryl Crazy Bull, president and CEO of the American Indian College Fund, wanted to tell the story of how these remarkable institutions serving Indian reservation communities provide an education to the nation’s most underserved student population—while also supporting the process of rebuilding tribal identity and tribal nations.

Henry Luce Foundation Grants $300K to American Indian College Fund

Increasing access to women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields is vital for America to respond to today’s economic, infrastructure, and environmental challenges.

American Indian College Fund Publishes Free Career Planning Guide

Native American college students have unique needs and challenges in higher education. Navigating their developing career paths while honoring their indigenous identities and communities is no different.