Faculty Impact Articles

The Sharing of Indigenous Knowledge Through Academic Means by Implementing Self-reflection and Story

Indigenous research scholars navigate a complex landscape that is impacted by their relationships, as well as the roles and responsibilities that come with both their Indigenous and professional positionality. This article contemplates the passing of Indigenous knowledge through academic means by implementing self-reflection and story.

Dissertation – The moccasin project: Understanding sense of place through Indigenous art making and storytelling

The purpose of this arts-based, and Indigenous research study was to explore how Native Americans understand ‘place-based imagery’ through an Indigenous art making and storytelling experience in order to illuminate perspectives and experiences of a ‘sense of place’.

Dissertation – Understanding the relationship between cultural wellness and academic achievement on Standing Rock reservation

Academic achievement concerns are common among reservation schools in North and South Dakota and elicit numerous questions regarding how to address these concerns to improve educational outcomes for Native American students.

Dissertation – Using photovoice and photo-elicitation to understand successes and barriers related to Tribal College students’ education

The fact that American Indian college students pursuing postsecondary educational opportunities have lower retention and completion rates than their peers is well documented. Additionally, the use of mentoring as a means of social support for AI students have been increasingly recognized as an important factor in a successful educational experience.