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Stand with Native Students in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

Institutional Impact Articles

Colonized and racist campus tour

This article explores the macro-structural aspects of college campuses and environments to understand how higher education institutions have created, maintained, and justified hostile campus climates against Indigenous students. It uncovers the embedded racist and genocidal values that are often cherished through dominant campus tours.

Postsecondary research and recommendations for federal datasets with American Indians and Alaska Natives: Challenges and future directions

This article discusses methodological strengths and limitations of federally managed postsecondary data with American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) college student populations. To support understanding, we define fundamental research and measurement validity concepts associated with credible quantitative research.

Revolution in higher education: Identity & cultural beliefs inspire Tribal Colleges & Universities

The public increasingly requires that higher education institutions demonstrate their return on investment by measuring graduation rates, cost per student, job placement rates, and income. The motivation is economic: public institutions are accountable to the investor, in this case, the taxpayer.

Beyond access: Indigenizing programs for Native American student success

This book argues that two principal factors are inhibiting Native students from transitioning from school to college and from succeeding in their post-secondary studies. It presents models and examples of pathways to success that align with Native American students’ aspirations and cultural values.