Watch Cholena's Story

It’s time to take a long, hard look at history – not just what happened, but who recorded it.

Cholena believes that indigenous peoples should tell their own stories. And she’s ready to change the fields of sociology and anthropology to make it happen.

Growing up, Cholena drew inspiration from her aunties, who were also pioneers of social change. But it wasn’t until she traveled internationally and saw how the insights of other Native peoples were excluded from their histories, that she knew for sure where she’d make her mark.

She’s passionate about infusing indigenous peoples’ perspectives into anthropology, to be sure that their truths are made known. In addition to her research, Cholena is now pursuing a Ph.D. so she can share this passion with future students.

Your gift ensures that American Indian students can determine their own destiny and write their own histories. Join us in making this critical change possible.

“College is very expensive. The College Fund really helped me out – with tuition and those really expensive books. I say ‘tabutamish’ for your help. Simply saying ‘thank you’ is not enough.”

- Cholena

Ways You Can Help

There are many ways to help students like Cholena achieve their educational dreams.  When you stand with us, you increase the number of American Indians participating in higher education today.  When they are successful, we are all successful.

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