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Our Purpose

We have one unwavering purpose – increasing the number of American Indians who hold college degrees. Currently only 14% of American Indians have a college degree – less than half the national average. Every year, we empower more than 4,000 American Indian students to start and stay in school, complete their degrees and launch careers that benefit us all. We have provided more than 131,000 scholarships and $201 million to support American Indian communities. We intend to double our impact in the next five years. Join us, and help a student today.

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Since 1989, the college fund has provided more than 0 scholarships
$0 million distributed last year directly to students
Every dollar makes a difference in a student's life
We are the nation's largest & highest-rated American Indian nonprofit organization

Our Progress

We’re determined to help more American Indian students complete college degrees. Considering that by 2020, 65% of all jobs will require a post-secondary degree or certificate and that 30% of American Indians are under the age of 18, we must move boldly and quickly to do more. Now is the time to act.

We’re building on a sustainable foundation.

in Native Communities

About Us

We are the nation’s largest and highest-rated American Indian nonprofit organization changing the face of higher education today – one American Indian at a time. We provide more scholarships to American Indians than anyone else, and we’re the only organization that enhances this individualized financial support by funding accredited, tribally controlled colleges and universities and contributing to programs that ensure student success – starting before the first day of preschool and continuing beyond students’ first day of their first career job.

Our Areas of Impact

As an independent organization, we provide direct and focused solutions to one of our nation’s most pressing problems – educating all of our American Indian youth for success in life. With your donation, we will provide more scholarships, amplify our programs, and help more American Indian students succeed.

Students First: Increasing the Graduation Rate

We envision a future where every American Indian student who starts college goes on to finish. That’s how we’ll grow the percentage of American Indians who hold a college degree – currently only 14%, less than half of the national average. Our scholars are moving the numbers and the world one college degree at a time, and we’re right there with them every step of the way.

We embrace and enhance the entirety of learning that goes on during college. We walk alongside and invest in American Indian students through the following efforts.

  • Providing scholarships
  • Helping students secure additional support (e.g., federal financial aid)
  • Assisting students with scholarship and college applications
  • Tutoring and mentoring
  • Infusing Native traditions into curriculum to support students’ identity building
  • Supporting leadership development
  • Offering career and employment readiness classes and workshops
  • Assisting students with applications and placement for internships and jobs


Give the gift of education to an American Indian student.


Students at Our Core: Supporting Communities of Learning

We are working to foster an environment that prioritizes and prizes higher education for Native students. When we succeed, we will make higher education among American Indians the norm, rather than the exception, as it is today.

While going to college is becoming more common, learning has always been a part of Native culture. We’re building upon hundreds of years of cultural and tribal traditions around learning to ensure that higher education is a top-of-mind concern in all Native communities. Each of the following efforts is part of establishing and protecting American Indians’ unique path to higher education.

  • Emphasizing the value of education for individuals and communities
  • Enhancing modern learning environments with Native principles and traditions
  • Engaging children, their parents and communities in early childhood education
  • Maintaining shared spaces for community events and programs
  • Guiding high school students and associate degree earners to further their educations
  • Strengthening communities’ infrastructure and technology for education
  • Supporting community leaders and faculty at tribally run colleges and universities


Help sustain learning environments for American Indian students.


Students Count: Amplifying the Native Voice in National Education Conversations

We know that in order to include American Indian students in national conversations about higher education, we need to represent each of our scholars. We must make our scholars’ paths to higher education better known. This requires improving the available data about American Indian student success. We track students’ progress in the following ways.

  • Fields of study
  • Graduation rates
  • Majors and degrees pursued
  • Participation in leadership development programs
  • Representation at community colleges and mainstream, four-year universities
  • Representation at minority-serving institutions
  • Placement in internships and jobs
  • Access to and readiness for employment

With this information, we bring our scholars’ success and findings to national education leaders to enhance the United States’ overall education efforts.


Ensure a strong voice for American Indians in higher education.


Ways You Can Help

There are many ways to help students achieve their educational dreams. With your involvement, we will increase the number of American Indians in college today. When they are successful, we are all successful.

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Corporate and Foundation Partners

We are grateful to the many corporations that partner with us to champion American Indian students in their pursuit of college degrees. For more information on how to be a partner, please click here.

Our Commitment To You

The College Fund is committed to accountability. We consistently receive top ratings from independent charity evaluators.

Charity Navigator has awarded the College Fund a 3-star rating.

The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance sets Standards for Charity Accountability, all of which we meet.

GuideStar names the College Fund a Silver-level participant for our commitment to transparency.

Independent Charities of America gave the College Fund its “Best in America Seal of Excellence,” one of fewer than 2,000 organizations to receive the distinction.