Capacity-Building Programs

Achieving the Dream

improvingstudentsuccess-thmbView Report: Improving Student Success at Tribal Colleges and Universities

The Achieving the Dream (ATD) student success initiative is a three-year (2013-2016) grant for two TCUs. Diné College and Salish Kootenai College were awarded and participated in the Achieving the Dream student success initiative.

In year one (2013-2014) of the initiative the focus was on assessing and planning, in year two (2014-2015) the focus was on implementation of interventions to close achievement gaps in priority areas established through assessment. In year three (2015-2016) the focus was on evaluation of the interventions.

Throughout the three-year initiative, the College Fund hosted an annual student success convening during the annual ATD DREAMconference, as well as during the annual AIHEC student conference. The purpose of the convenings was to provide minority-serving institutions and tribal college leadership with a forum to learn about how Diné College and Salish Kootenai College conducted institutional data-driven student success interventions.

This project built TCU leadership capacity at the two TCUs while driving the student success agenda forward at other TCUs that seek to create institution-wide student success initiatives.

As part of the program, in a new publication from the American Indian College Fund, several tribal colleges and universities share how to create systems and structures to promote Native student success.The publication, titled “Achieving the Dream – Improving Student Success at Tribal Colleges and Universities,” is the culmination of the College Fund’s efforts over three years in the Achieving the Dream (ATD) initiative, a national reform network devoted to community college student success and completion. You can view the publication, which is posted on the right of this page.