Ké’ Early Childhood Education Family Engagement Initiative

Ké’ Early Childhood Initiative – Sitting Bull College


Sitting Bull College (SBC) is implementing several programs and initiatives that focus on getting parents and families more engaged in their children’s education. One major priority for SBC is increasing awareness of parent and family engagement in early childhood learning and development on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. For the first time, SBC is meeting with families and engaging them in discussions about their children’s development; this important step brings families into the child development process, sharing knowledge about their children and helping both teachers and families work together as the children grow. SBC has also focused on developing their Kampus Kids program and the Lakota/Dakota language immersion nest, and holding a number of community relationship-building events, such as a traditional Lakota meal for the parents of the language immersion nest. In addition, SBC is taking steps to improve the TCU library, strengthening the children’s learning section and making it a place to develop early learning and literacy.