Ké’ Early Childhood Education Family Engagement Initiative

Ké’ Early Childhood Initiative – Northwest Indian College


Northwest Indian College (NWIC) is working with the Lummi community to strengthen their efforts to incorporate Lummi language and culture into the work they are doing with young children, and to create strong positive tribal identity through social and cultural activities appropriate to children. Using local expertise, NWIC focuses on social-emotional development, working with parents and families on connecting with children through emotional moments (e.g., tantrums); this work supports the families in their work with children at home and the teachers at the early learning center in making important connections with the children as they grow and develop. There are four major components to the work NWIC is doing to engage parents and families:

  1. Family Play Evening: an opportunity for families to play together, and for parents to receive peer support around child development and relationship-building with their children;
  2. Ey’Snat Family Fun Night: a partnership with the Lummi Head Start to engage parents and families in social and cultural activities;
  3. Tse’lala Parent Group: a Lummi parent advocacy group that brings the voices of Lummi parents into educational decision-making processes within the community;
  4. Mastering Parenting by Connection (PbC) Leadership Course: a path for training community members as workshop leaders to do parent education within the Lummi community.