Ké’ Early Childhood Education Family Engagement Initiative

Ké’ Early Childhood Initiative – Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute


At Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI), in partnership with Youth Development, Inc. (YDI) Head Start and the Santa Clara Head Start, the focus is bringing families, community, and the early learning center together to work to empower parents and families to be strong advocates for the education of their children. To that end, SIPI is deepening its work with families in the areas of curriculum development and collective inquiry (through, for example, its Photovoice project) to inform the work of the early childhood center. Creating a corps of student and parent interns, SIPI is engaging its early childhood education students to work closely with children and families to deepen their knowledge about early childhood education, and empowering its families to create and organize their own community learning opportunities. So far, these student and parent interns have planned four monthly events to engage children and families with the broader TCU community, including Pumpkin Patch, Native Harvest Feast, Photovoice Sharing Night, and Dental Night.