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Professional Development Opportunities

The American Indian College Fund secured grant funding for TCU Faculty Research Initiatives through the Henry Luce Foundation. Through the grant, the College Fund will continue to host the annual TCU Faculty Research Convening and produce an annual volume of the TCURJ. In addition, faculty will have the opportunity to attend an Intensive Writing Retreat to develop manuscripts for publication and utilize a Faculty Professional Development grant to attend/present at a regional/national conference in their field of study.

TCU Faculty Research Convening

The TCU Faculty Research Convening is a two-day convening that highlights research conducted by TCU faculty. The major goals of the research convening focuses on the dissemination of research and networking among TCU faculty, and the development of important conversations and research topics such as pedagogy practices, cultural continuance, and faculty development. The two-day convening consists of presentations from faculty across disciplines and have encompassed the areas of research, best practices, curriculum development, pedagogy, and the success of current programs at TCUs.

Highlights video from the 6th Annual TCU Faculty Research Convening

The 6th Annual TCU Faculty Research Convening highlights video gives an overview of the 2019 convening along with faculty remarks about their experiences. The annual TCU Faculty Research Convening is a gathering of TCU faculty presenting on their current research projects. The 2019 convening was held in Denver, July 7-10, 2019.

TCU Research Journal

Click on this cover of the 2018 research journal to go to that page with all of the journals listed.

In 2016, the College Fund initiated the first peer-reviewed journal focused solely on research conducted by TCU faculty – the Tribal College and University Research Journal (TCURJ). The TCURJ is designed to provide current TCU faculty conducting research an avenue for publication. The College Fund believes it is critical to support TCU faculty in conducting research that benefits TCUs and Native communities, and disseminating research to both Native communities and the wider research community. The TCURJ is linked online through the Research Journals web page.

Intensive Writing Retreat to Development Manuscripts for Publication

The College Fund recognizes the importance of writing retreats as supplemental support within current and previous Faculty Development initiatives. A recent external evaluation of faculty fellowships revealed that TCU faculty identified a need for supplemental support in the area of developing manuscripts for publication. The Intensive Writing Retreat (WR) would provide the space and time that many TCU faculty need to focus on developing a manuscript from their research. The WR will also provide mentorship from senior Native faculty in the development of manuscripts, conference proposals, presentations (poster, roundtable, and powerpoint), and conference etiquette. Mentors will also provide short presentations on the development of manuscripts, conference proposals, presentations, and etiquette.

The date for the 2019 Intensive Writing Retreat is TBD. More details to come.

Faculty Professional Development Grant

The College Fund will award thirteen (13) one-time professional development grants up to $2,000 to assist faculty member’s attendance/presentation in the faculty member’s field of study at a:

  • Regional or national conference
  • Training
  • Workshop
  • Seminar

Through conference attendance, TCU faculty will have the opportunity to:

  • be informed of current research, issues, and growing trends within their respective fields of study
  • provide a unique perspective to broader conversations
  • develop research interests, skills, and agenda
  • share research and experiences stemming from the TCU context
  • cultivate research collaborations, exchanges, and partnerships
  • network and foster relationships with non-TCU faculty
  • disseminate research with a broader audience

Expenses covered through the professional development grants include:

  • Registration
  • Travel
  • hotel
  • per diem

Professional Development grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Access the application here:

For further information please contactNatalie Youngbull, Faculty Development Program Officer  | (303) 426-8900