Nyswander–Blanchard Pre-Dissertation Fellowship

In 2012, the American Indian College Fund, with support and funding from Board Member Kim Blanchard and the Nyswander-Manson family, established the Pre-Dissertation Faculty Fellowship Program. The aim of the program is to increase the number of faculty members with a doctorate at the 35 AIHEC-member tribal colleges/universities (TCUs), thus supporting faculty members’ own educational attainment and strengthening TCU academic programs and the cultivation of leaders from within.

The fellowship makes awards of $3,000-10,000 over one year to TCU faculty members admitted to or enrolled in doctoral programs. This fellowship program is for faculty members who are in the coursework (pre-dissertation) phase of their doctoral studies. Funding must be used to cover expenses associated with coursework and other degree attainment activities such as tuition, fees, books, research support, data collection and analysis, software, periodicals or books, or conducting necessary travel for completion of research.