In this article a graduate level diversity course, “Diversity & Equity in Higher Education” that is based on Johnson’s (2005) Privilege, Power, and Difference, and Critical Race Theory (CRT) (Tate in Rev Res Educ 22:195–247, 1997) is described. Johnson’s concepts, such as paths of least resistance, are explained, as well as CRT, and forms of multiculturalism. The course format, the instructor’s philosophy toward this course, and course assignments are shared. Using the CRT analysis tool developed by former students of this course, an example from a student’s paper is provided as an example of how to use the tool, and how theory is used to help students “see” injustice and oppression. Challenges, such as tackling a complex topic in one semester, are discussed and recommendations are made, such extending the course for two semesters.

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