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Financial Aid Resources and FAQs

The questions below may help with specific questions you receive about our application. Please see our Scholarships FAQ page for more questions posted by students.  Have another question not listed here? Let us know!

My students are unable to upload any documents into the application because the box does not allow them to click on it, what can I do?

The upload buttons in the scholarship application don’t appear unless Adobe Flash is installed on the computer being used. Most computers have this already installed. Firefox requires a unique version of Flash that is different than what other browsers use. When this happens, our first recommendation would be to use a different browser. The alternative is to download the correct version of Flash to the computer. Go to Adobe’s website and click on the Adobe Flash Player to proceed. This should solve the problem.

My students say that have submitted their application, but I do not see their name on the applications list, how is this possible?

It is most likely that the students have filled out their “Profile” section in Civicore but did not complete the actual “Application” section to submit their application. There is a distinct difference between the two. The “Profile” is the living, breathing section where students can enter and edit information at any time during the year whereas the “Application” is frozen in the moment they submit it. The application cannot be submitted without filling out all required sections including the essay, tribal enrollment documents, and transcripts (for the Full Circle application).

Other helpful resources include: