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Currently, only 14% of American Indians hold a college degree. It’s unbelievable, right? And yet not everyone knows about this disparity in education. We need your help to spread general awareness and promote equal education. Please share the importance of supporting the American Indian College Fund and Native higher education with your network of your family and friends. Together we can increase the number of Native American college graduates!


Let’s make a collective push to promote education equality.
Support Native Students. Support the American Indian College Fund.

Equitable Funding

July 31: Ask Your National Lawmakers to Re-authorize the FUTURE Act for TCUs

Fostering Undergraduate Talent by Unlocking Resources (FUTURE) Act (S. 1279 and H.R. 2486)

Background: Tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) were established by Native leaders to provide quality, affordable, and geographically accessible education and cultural training to their communities.

The Challenge: TCUs depend upon the FUTURE Act for funding for essential services, including:

  • Construction/Renovation: Construction of new buildings; renovation of existing buildings; campus expansion
  • Infrastructure: IT hardware and cyber-security upgrades
  • Student Support Services: Tutoring; writing and math labs; retention and recruitment programs; other wraparound services; funding for support staff
  • Campus Safety: Security cameras and outdoor lighting
  • Faculty: Hiring and support of credentialed faculty in key fields
  • Professional Development: Faculty and staff for professional development required for licensing and accreditation
  • Accreditation: Achieving and maintaining compliance
  • Native Language/Culture: Investment in innovative and critically needed programming; academic and community based language fluency programs
  • Academic Programs: Development of new programs in high demand and emerging fields
  • Library Service: Purchase of new and online books and subscriptions; digitization of archives and tribal records
  • Endowments: Establishment of, and contribution to, endowments for student scholarships, faculty, and long-term sustainability

Take Action! Call your U.S. Senator and Representative on Wednesday, July 31!

  • Tell them TCU students are depending upon re-authorization of the Strengthening Institutions-Tribal College Program (HEA Title III-Part F) to continue to receive important services at their colleges.
  • See a sample phone script and look up your U.S. Senator and Congressperson's contact information on AIHEC's special web page.

Advocacy for Land Grant Institutions

Request Equitable Funding for Land Grant Programs

Sitting Bull College Campus in Ft. Yates, N.D.

Sitting Bull College Campus in Ft. Yates, N.D.

Please ask your elected officials to provide equitable funding for tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) as land-grant institutions for necessary research and extension programming.

Congressional action is needed to increase funding for extension activities and research at the TCUs so these underfunded institutions receive funding at the same level as other land-grant institutions.

Take Action! Please fill out the form below to contact your Congressional representatives.

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