Employment Resources

Career Readiness and Employment

Reflecting on skills and abilities are a key practice in behaving as a “good professional relative.” At whatever level of employment, we can showcase our skills and utilize new resources as we commit to reciprocity and responsibility in service to our communities.

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Entry Level

Resources to support entry into the workforce.

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Management Level

Resources to support growth into management of a work environment.

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Leadership Level

Resources to develop capacity to lead an organization or company.

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Entrepreneurship Level

Resources to help establish an idea or business.

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Retirement Level

Resources to help prepare a time and place for leaving the workforce.

Start with Explore Careers to look for academic programs that may align with personal and professional goals; additionally, find useful information on possible job tracks.

    • Academic Programs and Jobs
    • Networking
    • Native-Focused Degrees and Programs
    • Native-Focused Institutes and Centers
    • Tribal Colleges and Universities
    • Future Planning Form

Check out Programs to Develop Your Skills page to learn about student programs that can support academic and skill development goals.

    • Student Professional Development Grants
    • 7 Generation Innovators Fellowship
    • Internship Matching (coming soon)
    • Innovation Programs (coming soon)

The Professional Development page offers basic resources to support professional and career development.

    • Creating Your Résumé
    • Interview Tips and Professional Etiquette
    • Graduate School
    • Internships

Employment Resources provides basic information for us as we move from entry level positions to upper-level management roles.

    • Entry Level
    • Management Level
    • Leadership Level (coming soon)
    • Entrepreneurship Level (coming soon)
    • Retirement Level (coming soon)

The Career Advising Resources page provides resources for those who are supporting academic and professional journeys for others.

    • Cultural Career Advising
    • Six R Evaluation Framework
    • Research Repository

Tribal Colleges and Universities

Tribal colleges and universities provide dynamic higher education opportunities, most on or near reservation lands. Known for their remarkable programs, culturally-relevant curricula, and familial student care – tribal colleges allow students to further their careers, attain an advanced degree, or better support their communities.