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American Indian College Fund Invests in Tribal College Faculty Development

Faculty are essential to creating a thriving academic and cultural environment at tribal colleges and universities (TCUs). They teach and advise students, develop culturally relevant curricula, and take on administrative duties. Yet faculty often are unable to learn from one another or foster relationships in the research arena to focus on research activities and further learning for themselves.

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New Research On Indigenous Students And College Affordability

ForbesSeptember 6, 2022

An article in Forbes magazine reviewed the National Native Scholarship Providers’ recently released National Study on College Affordability for Indigenous Students. The study found that affordability is the main obstacle for Native students in completing college.

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TCUs offer a low-cost, culturally inclusive education predominantly for American Indian and Alaska Native students.

U.S. NewsAug 9, 2022

U.S. News and World Report interviewed Cheryl Crazy Bull, President and CEO, of the American Indian College Fund, tribal college presidents, and Carrie Billy, President of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, about tribal colleges and universities and how they serve Native American students and their communities.

College Fund Ambassador/NASA Intern Engineer Hopes to Inspire Native STEM Students

NASA - The Marshall StarJuly 6, 2022

As an American Indian College Fund ambassador, engineer, and NASA intern, Nylana Murphy (Navajo) aims to inspire Native students and show them the “world is for (them).” Murphy shares her story in NASA’s newsletter.

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Student Biographies

Student Biography Samantha Maltais

Samantha (Wampanoag Tribe)

Samantha is pursuing a degree in law from Harvard Law School and hopes dedicate her career to fighting for justice on behalf of Native people, who have historically lacked adequate representation.

Student Biography Jamie Artussee

Jerald (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate)

Jerald is helping members of his tribe and community heal from generational trauma through mental health and substance abuse counseling. He believes his past struggles will help him offer better care to those in need.

Student Biography Jamie Artussee

Jamie (Muscogee [Creek] Nation)

Jamie is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in biology from the College of Muscogee Nation and hopes to educate her people on the importance of local, sustainable agriculture and stewarding a healthy relationship with the environment.

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