Invest in Native Students




Today, the American Indian College Fund is joining Diet Coke in its new campaign, [unlabeled], and in starting a conversation about labels. How are labels used? Are they used to help us or limit us? Do existing labels create exclusion and divisiveness? Can they also bring us together?

For the first time ever, a groundbreaking new exhibition is celebrating and acknowledging the often unseen or uncredited works of Native American women artists! Milestones like these are crucial in helping our Native scholars flourish.

Native scholar Nylana sees her small community’s hospital, schools, and other businesses struggle to meet their mission and goals because of the lack of technology in their region.This issue isn't limited to just local businesses — access to technology is an issue.

It's always a good day when you see Native scholars reaching their goals, and we're so proud to see College Fund scholarship recipient Anitra reach hers! She just graduated with her nursing degree from Sitting Bull College. And now, she's one more step closer to her next goal.