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Preparing For College

Learn what to expect and how to prepare for college.


The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native college students seeking under- graduate and graduate degrees at tribal colleges, nonprofit, and accredited schools

Student Development

Explore development opportunities.

Getting the Job

The American Indian College Fund works to ensure that students find an opportunity that meets their needs.

Tribal Colleges And Universities

The American Indian College Fund supports 35 tribal colleges and universities (TCUs). Discover a campus near you to unlock new opportunities.

Student Resources Blog

How To Indigenize Your Halloween Costume!

How To Indigenize Your Halloween Costume!

Halloween should be the best time EVER! You dress up, you get free candy, and sometimes explore your DARK, creepy side. But what if you want to express your culture with your costume? You're not going to wear you nice regalia to a party or trick-or-treating, so how...

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Transfer/Student Mobility

Transfer/Student Mobility

This report looks at students who transferred vertically, from a community college to a four-year institution, and measures the effectiveness of receiving institutions in meeting the needs of transfer students. Read more: Tracking Transfer: Measures of Effectiveness...

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