7 Generation Innovators Fellowship

Empowering Scholars for Community Change

Are you passionate about tribal civic responsibility and rural community organizing? The 7 Generations Innovators Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for scholars to enrich their understanding of these crucial areas.

Program Overview

Grounded in six Indigenous relationality values, this fellowship program supports creative projects that:

  • Address community needs
  • Increase tribal civic awareness
  • Foster collaborative efforts
  • Drive long-term, sustainable outcomes
The 2023-24 American Indian College Fund Student Ambassador cohort.
The 2023-24 American Indian College Fund Student Ambassador cohort.

The Six Rs

This fellowship is inspired by “Six Rs” of Indigenous relationality:

  • Respect: Understand and cherish the interconnectedness of self, others, and the environment.
  • Responsibility: Uphold mutual accountability through consistent, transparent communication.
  • Reciprocity: Cultivate and express gratitude, deep empathy, and generosity of spirit in co-creating thriving environments and communication dynamics.
  • Relationship: Leverage collective strength to build long-term, sustainable practices for everyone.
  • Reflection: Self-examine actions, responses, and consequences of upholding the Six Rs that shape our personal narratives.
  • Redistribution: Commit to sharing wisdom, resources, and stories with each other to foster a “7 Generations” mindset and legacy.

Fellowship Details

We are excited to fund four projects with grants of $2,500 each. Fellowship recipients must design their projects to clearly demonstrate one or more of the Six Rs.

Apply now and join us in making a difference. Your ideas and passion can shape a better future!

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Tribal Colleges and Universities

Tribal colleges and universities provide dynamic higher education opportunities, most on or near reservation lands. Known for their remarkable programs, culturally-relevant curricula, and familial student care – tribal colleges allow students to further their careers, attain an advanced degree, or better support their communities.