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More About the Elder Story Series

The American Indian College Fund is hosting a storytelling series focused on the ways in which our grandparents and elders have shown up and supported countless education journeys throughout Indian Country and how our elders are often the motivators and sources of support for us to pursue our educational pathways.

Through these stories, we will highlight moments and memories shared by TCU students, faculty/staff, and leadership about grandparents and elders in their lives that changed their educational journeys and personal aspirations. Elders may also submit stories on how they have supported the students in their lives as we explore the importance of intergenerational relationships in Indigenous education. The stories will be published on the College Fund’s website.

With this series the College Fund wants to acknowledge that the ways in which our Indigenous communities refer to our grandparents, elders, and knowledge carriers differ greatly. Our languages reflect not only kinship but sometimes the knowledge our relatives hold and how they carry that knowledge. Please share how you are comfortable using these understandings and terms and how these relatives have contributed to your education pathways.

All TCU students, faculty/staff, leadership, and tribal nations community elders are invited to submit their stories for this series.