Faculty Fellowships

The American Indian College Fund offers five fellowships for TCU faculty members. (Certain non-teaching staff are eligible to apply for the master’s fellowships.) These fellowships are designed to support faculty members with their own educational advancement, while helping TCUs strengthen their academic programs and grow leaders from within.

Fellowships applicants must:

    • be a faculty member at a TCU. The definition of a faculty member, for the purpose of these fellowships, includes full-time faculty, as well as adjunct instructors (including TCU staff and administrators) who teach at least one course regularly.
    • obtain approval from their TCU administrators to take leave time or be given flexibility to complete all requirements of the fellowship within the fellowship’s time limit.
    • sign an agreement stating they will continue teaching at a TCU following the completion of the fellowship.

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

TCU faculty who are “all but dissertation” (ABD) in a doctoral program are eligible to apply for a one-year fellowship. These fellowships support faculty in completing their dissertation and all requirements for graduation by the end of the fellowship. Faculty are expected to teach at a TCU for two years after graduating.

Master’s Degree Fellowships

Master’s fellowships support faculty with up to two years of funding to complete a master’s degree. The fellowships are open to TCU faculty members (full-time faculty and adjunct instructors), as well as staff members who do not currently teach but have been asked to teach. Faculty are expected to teach at a TCU for two years after graduating.

Nyswander-Blanchard Pre-Dissertation Doctoral Fellowships

These fellowships support TCU faculty members admitted to or enrolled in a doctoral program and who are in the coursework phase. The fellowships provide support for one year and can be used for tuition, fees, books, research expenses, and more. Faculty are expected to teach at a TCU for one year after completing the fellowship.