Tribal College and University Research Journal

The College Fund launched the Tribal College and University Research Journal (TCURJ) in 2016 to support TCU faculty in disseminating their research to Indigenous communities and the wider research community. The journal publishes articles from a variety of fields such as environmental science, Indigenous health and wellness, student success, and tribal college program development. The Henry Luce Foundation has provided generous support of the journal since 2018. 

Tribal College and University Research Journal: Volume 6, Spring 2022

Articles in this volume:

    • Techniques for Regenerating Old Seeds – Frank Kutka, Sheila Blackman, Elizabeth Hoover, Sara Alavi, Kathleen Wu, and Rowen White
    • Culture as Medicine for the Blackfeet Community: A Pilot Intervention – Betty Henderson-Matthews, Megan Gordon, Shawntyana Bullshoe, Sierra Mason, Agnieszka Rynda-Apple, and Neha Henderson
    • Regeneration of Culturally Significant Conifer Tree Species in the L’Anse Indian Reservation: Impacts from Herbivory by Deer (Waawaashkeshi) – Andrew Kozich, Karen Colbert, Gerald (Jerry) Jondreau, John Lusty, and Victoria Ripley
    • Recruiting Native Students into Science: Evaluating the Impact of Biomedical Genetic Research at Turtle Mountain Community College – Tyler J. Parisien, Lyle Best, Pat Conway, and Gena Grant
    • A Vision for Indigenous Honors Programs at Tribal Colleges and Universities – Joshua Hoskinson, Edison Cassadore, and Camillus Lopez

Previous Volumes

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Winter 2021

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October 2019

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October 2018

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October 2018

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June 2017

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October 2016

Mellon Tribal College Research Journal

From 2013 to 2015, the College Fund published two volumes of research by current and former recipients of the Mellon dissertation completion fellowship. This one-year fellowship was offered to TCU faculty members in the final stages of their doctoral studies.

Volume 2, 2015

Mellom Tribal College Research Journal V 2

Volume 1, 2013

Mellon Tribal College Research Journal V1, 2013

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