Native Pathways to College

High School Admissions Pathway

College readiness starts early and action steps are needed in high school to prepare students. It is the goal of the program to help students at any stage in high school to realize the importance and benefits of attending college. It is essential that students approach the college process with an understanding of personal power, college readiness, campus fit, filling out college applications, and committing to college.

In order to make college more accessible and easier to navigate, our College Admissions Coaches aim to provide guidance and resources through three on-site visits to high schools, social media interaction, one-on-one coaching, and engaging workshops. We will also partner with colleges to provide opportunities for campus visits, college fair participation, and the admissions process. It is our mission to promote a college-going environment in Indian Country.



  1. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors at a high school in Native Pathways to College service area in Todd County, S.D.; St. Francis, S.D.; White River, S.D.; Mandaree, N.D.; White Shield Public, N.D.; New Town, N.D.; Parshall, N.D.; Standing Rock, N.D.; McLaughlin, S.D.; Wakpala, S.D.; Menominee Indian, Wis.; Shawano, Wis.; Green Bay Southwest, Wis.; Seymour, Wis.; Oneida, Wis.; Bellingham, Wash.; Ferndale, Wash.; Squalicum, Wash.; Lummi Nation High School, Wash; Arlee, Mont.; Ronan, Mont.; Polson, Mont.; St. Ignatius, Mont.; Pine Ridge, S.D.; Red Cloud, S.D.; Little Wound, S.D.; Crazy Horse, S.D.; or high schools near Ilisagvik College.
  2. American Indian/Alaskan Native Student

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