Tammy Miller-Carlson

Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Tammy Miller-Carlson has served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for 16 of her 20 years at the American Indian College Fund. She leads and supports public education and awareness, finance, human resources, and information systems operations. A registered certified public accountant, Tammy worked in public accounting with both closely held and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries for 15 years in the fields of audit and business consulting prior to joining the College Fund.

Tammy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her primary area of interest is supporting communities. She served as the treasurer and president on the board of directors for Attention Homes, a youth counseling and shelter organization. She has also served on local political campaigns in various capacities, including treasurer. She also served on the school board for The Academy, a charter school, for which she held the president and treasurer positions, and currently is a member of the advisory council for the Native American Career Success Academy, a program instituted by the Native American Financial Officers Association.