Ways of Being


Establishing agency through self-awareness and curiosity; learning how an individual is showing up in the world

What is/are my main interest(s)?
What is/are my main value(s)?

  1. Learning to be honest with self
  2. Understanding or beginning to understand what values are important to self
  3. Connecting interest and values to establish or define or uncover a career path


Ways of Knowing


Linking worldview to experience to service – understanding/compassion; knowledge sharing to edify self and an audience (Research and Presentation)

What have I learned?
What can I do?

  1. Manipulating education or learning to promote ideas
  2. Use of self in generating knowledge and knowledge sharing methods
  3. Acknowledging self-awareness = agency

What do you know
about yourself?




What do you want
to send back?




Personal Statement


Cover Letter

Elevator Speech

Shifting self narrative from accepted one to a determined one; being able to share that narrative in a variety of formats (Personal Statement, Elevator Speech, Resume, and Cover Letter)

What is the story I am telling/sharing now?
What is the story I want to tell/share in the future?

  1. Learning how to support self
  2. Learning how to find examples that can inform narrative shift
  3. Understanding how to use accepted narrative to inform/develop a determined narrative


What do I want to understand?

What do I know?

Exploring personal narrative through experience; testing and developing skills, values, and knowledge for self-edification [fit] (CONNECT and Experiential Education)

What do I know?
What do I want to understand?

  1. Again, being honest with self 
  2. Learning how to learn
  3. Integrating reflection into decision making – trust building = self and others