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Internships & Fellowships

Internships are short employment opportunities, paid and unpaid, that allow students to “test drive” an employment opportunity before committing to making it a lifetime career.

Internships offer you the opportunity:

  • to learn more about a specific job or industry
  • to understand more about the professional job environment
  • to build relationships with people that can share information and insight; and
  • to provide a space to build professional and personal confidence

Employers are more willing to consider students as an applicant if you participated in an internship before, during, or after college. Internships can also add value to graduate admissions essays and applications, which can improve your admittance chances into a program. For more information contact


Do you have questions about your major? How about your plan for a job after school? What skills and experience do you need to get the job you want? Why not ask someone that’s been there before! The College Fund Connect platform allows you to identify professionals from a specific school or particular field, and then ask them questions about their experience. They also post jobs and internship opportunities on the platform, so set-up your profile today and build your network!


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Career Pathways Guidebook

This culturally-relevant guide was created to help Native students prepare for, and successfully navigate, the diverse landscape of job opportunities and sectors of work. Including contributions from Native graduates, professionals and artists, Career Pathways explores best practices and opportunities in and familiar and accessible way.

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