Paying For College

Financial Aid Resource Guides

Whether your school is fully paid for, or you have to borrow money or work to pay for school, a basic understanding of financial aid is essential.

College Expenses – What You’ll Pay In Addition To Tuition

The main costs of attending college are centered around tuition and room and board. As you see in the estimated cost charts for a tribal college, state college, and a private college, the prices go= up considerably depending on which college you choose.

Becoming A Financial Warrior in 4 Easy Steps

A financial warrior is someone who sets themselves up for success during and after school by developing good money management skills.

How To Read A Financial Award Letter

A financial aid award letter or notification details the types and sources of funding available to a student.

Four Common Mistakes When Completing the FAFSA

Why should a student complete FAFSA? A student should complete a FAFSA each year to discover their financial aid options.

Federal Student Aid Website

Visit the Federal Student Aid website to learn more.

Fill Out The FAFSA

The Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) determines your eligibility for need-based aid like scholarships and Pell Grants. It is ESSENTIAL to fill this out for EACH YEAR you attend scholarship

Scholarship Opportunities

Before you save money, apply for loans or get jobs – look to scholarships first. Not only are there many “merit” scholarships (based on your academic performance and grades), but many exist to also support specific fields of study or interests. Here are some places to start:

Tips On Applying For Scholarships From A Former Student

We asked recent college graduate Megan Tom to share her tips and process when applying for scholarships. Check out her helpful recommendations.

Money Management

It is also important to understand budgeting, credit, and debt management – to help you to make responsible decisions in school, and prepare for your financial life after school. Learn about the following topics in related posts — your financial future depends on it.