Walt Disney Scholarship – Orlando, Florida – Site Visit Application 

Hello Disney Scholars!

We are excited to offer 4 Disney Scholars the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, next January 10 – 13, 2024, for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Disney theme park operations, available professional development opportunities, and corporate culture. This site visit is intended to spark your curiosity about becoming a future leader or manager in your field of study while nurturing your inner storyteller. We want to know how this opportunity can help you grow as an individual, enhance your professional skills, and support your career objectives.

Before you answer the following questions, please first:

As you review and answer the following questions, please keep these six, Indigenous relationality principles (Six Rs) in mind:

    • Respect: Understand and cherish the interconnectedness of self, others, and the environment.
    • Responsibility: Uphold mutual accountability through consistent, transparent communication.
    • Reciprocity: Cultivate and express gratitude, deep empathy, and generosity of spirit in co-creating thriving environments and communication dynamics.
    • Relationship: Leverage collective strength to build long-term, sustainable practices for everyone.
    • Reflection: Self-examine actions, responses, and consequences of upholding the Six Rs that shape our personal narratives.
    • Redistribution: Commit to sharing wisdom, resources, and stories with each other to foster a “7 Generations” mindset and legacy.

    Start with Explore Careers to look for academic programs that may align with personal and professional goals; additionally, find useful information on possible job tracks.

      • Academic Programs and Jobs
      • Networking
      • Native-Focused Degrees and Programs
      • Native-Focused Institutes and Centers
      • Tribal Colleges and Universities
      • Future Planning Form

    Check out Programs to Develop Your Skills page to learn about student programs that can support academic and skill development goals.

      • Student Professional Development Grants
      • 7 Generation Innovators Fellowship
      • Internship Matching (coming soon)
      • Innovation Programs (coming soon)

    The Professional Development page offers basic resources to support professional and career development.

      • Creating Your Résumé
      • Interview Tips and Professional Etiquette
      • Graduate School
      • Internships

    Employment Resources provides basic information for us as we move from entry level positions to upper-level management roles.

      • Entry Level
      • Management Level
      • Leadership Level (coming soon)
      • Entrepreneurship Level (coming soon)
      • Retirement Level (coming soon)

    The Career Advising Resources page provides resources for those who are supporting academic and professional journeys for others.

      • Cultural Career Advising
      • Six R Evaluation Framework
      • Research Repository

    Tribal Colleges and Universities

    Tribal colleges and universities provide dynamic higher education opportunities, most on or near reservation lands. Known for their remarkable programs, culturally-relevant curricula, and familial student care – tribal colleges allow students to further their careers, attain an advanced degree, or better support their communities.