High School College Choice

Prepare for your future.

Why High School College Choice?

High School College Choice is for students who want to prepare for their future. In this program you will receive culturally relevant tools, support and resources to explore your career interests, learn about paying for college and become college ready.

Students receive:

    • Light coaching via text & email
    • Free webinar & workshop opportunities
    • An opportunity to attend a fly-in summer camp
    • An increased chance at earning a Full Circle Scholarship (seniors only)
    • Continued support via the Tribal College Transfer or College Success Programs
    • Bonus! Get ready for college while increasing your chances to receive a scholarship and/ or win some awesome end of the year prizes!!


high school choice

Please complete the pre-survey at the end of your application!

Eligibility requirements:

To join the High School College Choice program, you must be a high school student (9th – 12th grade) at a reservation based high school or a school that is funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. If you apply and your high school is not listed in the drop down, you will not be able to complete the application. Please connect with us if you have questions about your school or eligibility.