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Little Big Horn College

Robert knew he had to turn his life around. Graduating from Little Big Horn College made it possible for him to help himself and others in his tribe as a licensed addiction counselor. Robert works in Crow Agency, Montana, where he incorporates his own experiences with alcoholism and his education and training at his job in the wellness center there to help others fight the disease that plagues many Indian communities

“As far as I can remember alcohol was always in my family. I can remember a lot more stories in which alcohol was involved than not,” he said. “I have learned a lot from the experiences that I have been through. I am wishing that my children and grandchildren do not have to go through the things that I have been through in order to learn what not to do.” After 20-plus years of alcohol controlling his life, Robert has been sober for four years. He attributes his success to the support of his tribal college and the responsibility of supporting his family.

Robert says scholarships and his determination to succeed made it possible for him to complete his human services degree and support his family.

His goal is to help young people make better choices. From his coursework he completed to earn his degree and the internships that built his experience, he knows first-hand about turning his own life around and that change is possible.