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Month: May 2018 Articles

Systems of support: What institutions of higher education can do for Indigenous communities

The purpose of this chapter is to highlight ways institutions of higher education (IHEs) can support culturally relevant community-driven measures and asset-based research that allows Native students to excel academically and display enhanced well-being, self-efficacy, and self-esteem (McCarty, Teach Educ 20:7–29, 2009).

Native Artist to Debut Crowdsourced Art Project Highlighting Murdered and Missing Indigenous People

The Denver-based American Indian College Fund, a non-profit organization providing scholarships and programs supporting Native American higher education, is thrilled to announce that former scholarship recipient and tribal college graduate Cannupa Hansker Luger has organized an art exhibit with several contemporary artists to explore the interconnectedness of the human story.

Tips to Fill Out Your Scholarship Application

The Full Circle and TCU Scholarship applications have an essay style format with three short-answer questions. These sections are your chance to share your story and give readers an opportunity to see how a scholarship would help you achieve your stated educational and professional goals and require you to discuss three elements

Dissertation – Mediating cultural border crossings between American Indian tribal college students and natural resources science learning using culturally congruent education

This study is motivated by two research questions: (1) How does Culturally Congruent Instruction (CCI) influence American Indian (AI) students’ attitudes and achievement in natural resources science at a tribally controlled college/university (TCU)

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