National Day of Racial Healing

Jan 16, 2024 | Blog, Featured Post

Today is the National Day of Racial Healing, a day for all Americans to come together to think about the true history of our nation, to listen and bear witness on the effects of racism on a personal and communal scale, and to discuss ways for healing. The path to healing isn’t easy, linear, or immediate, but that makes starting the journey that much more important.

Earning a higher education at a tribal college steeped in Indigenous histories, cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices is a way for Native scholars to both overcome historic and generational trauma and to build a better life for themselves. As part of our nation’s healing, the American Indian College Fund encourages our friends and allies to learn more about the historic and systemic barriers that are still harming Native communities. Through education, together we can build a more inclusive, equitable world

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Century of Citizenship

Century of Citizenship

American Indian and Alaska Native communities have achieved a great deal in the past century. Here at the American Indian College Fund, we look forward to what successes the future will bring as we encourage Native students, scholars, and communities alike to use the tools of citizenship to make their voices heard and their peoples prosper.