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How we keep Native students in school



Together, Let’s Close the Gaps in Native Communities

The COVID crisis has changed our world in ways we could never have predicted. One outcome has been the difficulty colleges have had in retaining current students and, even more distressing, enrolling new freshman students. The long-term financial impacts of COVID, the lack of available technology, the challenges of online teaching and learning, and the continued stressors of caring and providing for multigenerational families have resulted in even lower college enrollment of Native students when they do not receive adequate support.

It’s Important to Keep Students in School

When they receive the additional support they need, Native students have defied trends and are returning to school in record numbers. Education is the pathway to changing the current realities and injustices experienced in Native communities and will create the diverse workforce needed, especially strengthening healthcare, education and technology.

This is how 33% of Tribal Colleges inspired increased enrollment
Meet Future Native Leader Tori

Education Is the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Education Is the Gift 
That Lasts a Lifetime

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With more than 74% of tribal college students returning to their communities to help build safer, stronger, thriving communities, your gift will impact lives not just today, but for generations to come.


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Fewer Students are Starting College

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Incoming freshman numbers are also declining at an alarming rate, and more so among Native students. Investing in high school outreach and inspiring students through enhanced opportunities and support have also increased the likelihood of college attendance. Not only do students need financial support, but students need advisors, mentors and role models – people who can help them navigate the new experience of attending college. Their potential is enormous, and not something we want to lose!

Meet Student Advisor Mechelle
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The Time Is Now

Right now, 42% of Native Americans are 24 years old or younger. Increasing our investment in education in this moment in time will change lives by creating more doctors, lawyers, educators, healthcare workers, engineers and scientists. A diverse, balanced workforce ensures stronger, healthier, sustainable Native communities.

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