Tribal College Scholarship Timeline

A Tribal College Transfer is a student who is earning an associate’s degree at a tribal college and plans on transferring to a four-year university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

The benefits of attending a tribal college before transferring is:

  • Remain close to home and family.
  • Tribal colleges’ cultural curriculum strengthens
  • Strong sense of community.
  • Saving money on the first 2 years of school.
  • Academic preparedness.

Year One


1st Semester

  • Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)
  • Meet with an Advisor and form a 2-yr associate degree course plan
  • Research schools where your credits will transfer
  • Set a goal graduation date
  • Select a major


2nd Semester

  • Apply for a minimum of two scholarships
  • Meet with an Advisor to discuss transfer options after your tribal college graduation
  • Research application deadlines for transfer schools and mark them in your calendar
  • Apply for internships


  • Take the ACT or SAT (if your transfer school requires new test scores for admission)
  • Work in a summer internship
  • Earn community service hours -looks great on scholarship applications and applications to competitive schools, e.g. Harvard
  • Apply for internships

Year Two


3rd Semester

  • Apply for FAFSA
  • Create a financial plan for your transfer
  • Choose 3 schools to apply to
  • Are you on track? Review graduation goal & 2-yr course plan
  • Work on transfer admissions essays. Required for competitive schools


4th Semester

  • Complete transfer admissions applications
  • Create a financial plan for your transfer
  • Apply for a minimum of two scholarships
  • Campus visits to your transfer college
  • Final decision. Choose your college!
  • Apply for internships or seek out community service opportunities


  • Review and accept financial aid package
  • Inform schools you won’t be attending
  • Attend orientation
  • Research resources available for challenges you may encounter

Additional Scholarships

There are thousands of scholarship opportunities in addition to the Full Circle and Tribal College & University (TCU) scholarship programs we offer. We advise all students to apply to as many as they are eligible for. Discover more scholarship opportunities available outside of the American Indian College Fund.

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