Letter from a Supporter

Jul 27, 2010 | Archives, Blog

I’d like to personally thank Sandra Beasley of Cleveland, Ohio, an unenrolled member of the Cherokee tribe who resides in Cleveland, Ohio, for taking the time to write to me about the Think Indian campaign.

Sandra writes that the campaign “is absolutely brilliant, sensational, awesome, tremendous, epic, and life-changing” and that the stories of traditional and non-traditional students were inspiring for her.

Sandra saw the ads in the New York Times at her local public library and copied them and posted them on her bedroom door for inspiration to cause her to reflect on what it means to be American Indian.

She adds, “As I always say, if you change one person’s life for the better, you have succeeded, and the American Indian College Fund has done it, time and again.”

We’d like to hear from more people. How has the American Indian College Fund’s Think Indian campaign helped change your perceptions about what it means to be an American Indian or helped you think about culturally based education?

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