Native Students Thank You for Sharing Your Summer Bounty

Jun 24, 2010 | Archives, Blog

June 21 marked the first day of summer solstice. Summer was traditionally a busy time among Native peoples, as sedentary tribes planted gardens and tended to their crops; and nomadic peoples followed the moving animals across the landscape and hunted and fished. Summers were and still are a time of bounty.

As we enjoy our modern summer and it fades into autumn, I think back on these months of my own youth. Autumn was a time to gather stores and prepare for a long winter, while also preparing to go “back-to-school.” Returning to school is an echo of tradition, as preparing one’s mind for harvesting ideas to use throughout one’s life is one way to guarantee success.

Wherever you are and whatever your plans, as you enjoy your summer’s bounty, we want to thank you for remembering our students by sharing your commitment to their education as they harvest knowledge, their traditions, and cultures at tribal colleges across the land.

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