‘Champions’ earn honors at United Tribes Technical College

Sep 13, 2012 | Blog, Inside the College Fund, Native American Heritage Month

Photo of hoop dancer.

Photo by Thomas Hatzenbuehler/United Tribes News

BISMARCK (UTN) – Champion dancers were crowned and an indigenous group from the Pacific lit up the night during the United Tribes International Powwow. The 43rd annual cultural gathering was held September 6-9 at United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck.

An estimated crowd of 6,000 jammed into and around the darkened dance arena to see fire-lit knives spun-about and tossed into the night sky by members of the powwow’s featured cultural group. The Tafiti Samoan Fire Knife Dancers wowed the audience with their flaming machetes. The group was led by cultural ambassador Kap Te’O Tafti, of the Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie, Hawaii.


In the dancing and singing competition, the drum group Young Bear, Mandaree, ND, won the singing contest, followed in order by: Battle River, Redby, MN; Ft. Peck Sioux, Poplar, MT; Badlands, Brockton, MT; and Bad Nation, Ft. Thompson, SD. Young Bear earned the special honor of claiming the Tanner Albers Sr. Memorial Singing Championship.

Twenty-nine drums rendered their best songs for 569 dancers, who participated in seven grand entries, intertribal dances and dance competitions. A hint of fall was in the air with one overnight temp dropping into the upper 30s. But sunny skies prevailed, warming to upper 70s and low 80s during all four days of the event.


Dancers and singers took part in the annual United Tribes “Parade of Champions” through downtown Bismarck, and were joined by tribal groups, tribal leaders, and public officials and candidates hoping to win election in November. Parade Grand Marshals George and Marilyn Keepseagle (Standing Rock) were honored as the lead plaintiffs in a successful class-action lawsuit against the federal government. They ranch near Cannonball, ND and are much-admired for their commitment to justice for Native farmers and ranchers who experienced decades of discrimination in USDA programs.


Fifty-six volunteers, college staff members and students served a free roast buffalo meal on powwow’s closing day for over 3,000 visitors, singers and dancers. Upwards of 10,000 people attended the powwow over the four-days.

The powwow head staff were: Announcers Jerry Dearly, MN and Dale Old Horn, MT; Arena Director Rusty Gillette, VA; Head Singing Judge Rueben Crow Feather, MN; Head Men’s Dance Avery Thompson, SD: and Head Women’s Dance Judge Cody High Elk, SD. Jerry Dearly provided the ground blessing for Lone Star Arena at the outset of the event. Powwow sound was coordinated by Frank K. Jamerson, Wi Coni Wa Ste Productions, McLaughlin, SD.

All first place dance category and singing contest winners received a jacket adorned with the powwow logo, showing the artwork of the late Alden Archambault, a medal and cash. Second through fourth place winners received cash and medals inscribed with the “Home of the Champions” slogan.

The United Tribes International Powwow Committee thanked all powwow participants and spectators for making the 43rd annual event a success. The committee also expressed appreciation to companies and individuals in the Bismarck-Mandan community for sponsoring competitive categories and supporting the powwow and associated events.


43rd Annual United Tribes International Powwow Winners


1  Regan Dunn (Standing Rock) Ft. Yates, ND

2  Allison Bearstail (Hidatsa) Bismarck, ND

3  Emaree Jayne Iron Hawk (Lakota) Eagle Butte, SD

4  Cami Guggole (Standing Rock) McLaughlin, SD



1  Kaygan Bearcomesout (Northern Cheyenne) Lamedeer, MT

2  Jonna Brady (Hidatsa/Sac & Fox) New Town, ND

3  Danielle Morsette (Arikara) Twin Buttes, ND

4  Teyah Uses Arrow (Standing Rock) Cannonball, ND



1  Tessa Holds the Enemy (Three Affiliated) Mandaree, ND

2  Salena Iron Cloud (Oglala) Rapid City, SD

3  Ashlynn Abbey (Caushafta/Sioux) Bismarck, ND

4  Shondeen Evelyn Long (Winnebago) Winnebago, NE



1  Dreamer White (Dakota/Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara) Four Bears Village, ND

2  Max Sevier (Rosebud) Pierre, SD

3  Caelen J. Lohnes (Spirit Lake) Ft. Totten, ND

4  Mabahi Baker (Mandan/Hidatsa) New Town, ND



1  Jai Knight (Oglala Lakota) Thunder Valley, SD

2  George Gillette (Arikara/Lakota)Falls Church, VA

3  Hunter Street (Mesquakie) St. Michael, ND

4  Quintin Abbey (Cayshatta/Sioux) Dickinson, ND



1  T. J. Good Nature (Standing Rock) Bismarck, ND

2  Jonah Jackson (Sioux) Bismarck, ND

3  Brendan “P-Nut” Young (Standing Rock) Bismarck, ND

4  Chase Lozano (Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara) Mandan, ND



1  Sandi Phillips (Standing Rock) Fort Yates, ND

2  Shanna Robertson (Sioux/Assiniboine) Poplar, MT

3  Caitlin Plenty Chief (Standing Rock) Wakpala, SD

4  Coral Gillette (Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara/Lakota) Falls Church, VA



1  Mariah Antell (Standing Rock/Cheyenne River) New Town, ND

2  Shadee Pretends Eagle (Spirit Lake) Bismarck, ND

3  Shaundeen Smith (Navajo/Arikara) El Dorado, KS

4  Eartha Good Striker (Cree/Blackfoot) Edmonton, AB, CAN



1  Kelsey Tortalita (Lakota/Dakota) Bismarck ,ND

2  Tayla Blaine (Crow Agency) Bismarck ,ND

3  Briann Ramsey (Standing Rock) Fort Yates, ND

4  Kayjah Twinn (Standing Rock/Crow) Hardin, MT



1  Jonny Means (Cheyenne River Lakota) Eagle Butte, SD

2  Jessup Yazzie (Cheyenne River Lakota) Eagle Butte, SD

3  Kasen Street (Meskauakie Sioux) St. Michael, ND

4  Koy Bearstail (Hidatsa/Sioux) Sioux Falls, SD



1  Cameron Grady (Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara) New Town, ND

2  Saunders Young Bird (Arikara) Ft. Yates, ND

3  Tommy Red Tomahawk (Cheyenne River Lakota) Dupree, SD

4  Tyson Kills Spotted (Lakota) Rapid City, SD



1  Ryan Longie (Spirit Lake) Fort Totten, ND

2  Cameron Chaske (Spirit Lake) Spirit Lake, ND

3  Zacriel Charbonnew (Anishinaabe) Belcourt, ND

4  Jason Hill (Standing Rock) Mobridge, SD



1  Amber Cleveland (Ho-Chunk) Bismarck, ND

2  Kellie LeBeau (Lakota) Eagle Butte, SD

3  Kyla Bearheels (Hunkpapa Lakota) Aberdeen, SD

4  Mayci Morin (Turtle Mountain) Belcourt ND



1  Tonia Hall (Lakota/Hidatsa) Ft. Yates, ND

2  Jessie Spotted Tail (Sicangu Lakota) Rosebud, SD

3  Anika Topsky (Chippewa/Cree) Rocky Boy, MT

4  Reva Hayes (Standing Rock Lakota) Rapid City, SD



1  Cheyenne Brady (Sac & Fox/Cheyenne) New Town, ND

2  Tosha Goodwill (Dakota/Lakota) Sioux Falls, SD

3  Amber Buffalo (Cree) Shakopee, MN

4  Lonna Jackson-Street (Dakota) St. Michael, ND



1  Madelynn Goodwill (Lakota/Dakota) Sioux Falls, SD

2  Lillian Little Shield (Cheyenne River) Wakpala, SD

3  Darlene Situran (Standing Rock) Ft. Yates, ND

4  Vera J. Kingbird (Ho Chunk) Bemidji, MN



1  War Shield White (Dakotah) New Town, ND

2  Spike Dapper (Native) Kirften, MD

3  Brandan St. John (Dakota) Shakopee, MN

4  Jasten Jazz Bears Tail (Hidatsa/Sioux) Bismarck, ND



1  Buck Spotted Tail (Sicangu Lakota) Rosebud, SD

2  Wylee Bears Tail (Mandan/ Hidatsa/ Arikara) Bismarck, ND

3  Julius Not Afraid (Crow/Lakota) Boxelder, MT

4  AJ Redman (Dakota/Lakota) Ft. QuAppelle, SK, CAN



1  Chaske LaBlanc (Lower Sioux/Dakota) Morton, MN

2  Novi Runsabove (Shinnecock/Oglala/Cheyenne) Thunder Valley, SD

3  Richard Street (Mesquakie) St Michael, ND

4  Donovan Abbey (Coushatta/Hidatsa) Mandaree, ND



1  Kip White Cloud (Dakota) Flandreau, SD

2  John Merrill (Yakama) Lapwai, ID

3  Roy Morsette (Three Affiliated) Twin Buttes, ND

4  Walter LaBatte, Jr. (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota) Granite Falls, MN



1  Rooster Top Sky (Chippewa/Cree) Rocky Boy, MT

2  Jordan Yazzie (Yakama) Goldendale, WA

3  Derek Howell (Pawnee/Flaudreaux Santee) Denver, CO

4  Theodore Waskahat (Cree) Hobbema, Alberta, CAN



1  Team 605

2  Three Amigos

3  The Other Guys

4  Those 1 Chicks



1  Young Bear, Mandaree, ND

2  Battle River, Redby, MN

3  Fort Peck Sioux, Poplar, MT

4  Badlands, Brockton, MT

5  Bad Nation, Ft Thompson, SD





Miss Indian Nations XX: Shannon C. Hooper (Shoshone/Paiute) Fallon, NV

1st Runner Up: Alexandria B. Alvarez (Shoshone/Bannock) Fort Hall, ID

2nd Runner Up: Cecily B. St. Syr (Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska) Bismarck, ND

Miss Congeniality: Adrienne Hardy (Navajo) Tohatchi, NM

Children’s Choice: Nadean J. Ivins (White Mt. Apache) White River, AZ

Talent Award: Cecily B. St. Syr (Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska) Bismarck, ND

Tribal Chairman’s Award: Sherry A. Pimms (Yakima Nation) Wapato, WA

President’s Award: Vivienne R. Tateyuskanskan (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate) Waubay, SD






1 Sivall’s, Bismarck, ND

2 Leech Lake Stars, Cass Lake, MN

3 Lady T-Hawks, Cannonball, ND

4 Softball 406, Lame Deer, MT

MVP: Cassie Smith, Bismarck, ND


1 Sioux Nation, Red Wing, MN

2 SWST, Sisseton, SD

3 TM Traditional Fire, Dunseith, SD

4 War Party, Mobridge, SD

MVP: Gino Buck, MN




GOLF TOURNAMENT – Teeing Off for Academic Excellence

Net Score

1 Wilber Red Tomahawk, Wyatt Red Tomahawk, Don Two Bears, Cody Two Bears

2 Fred Baker, Lewis LeBeau, Tim Grant, Damon Williams

3 Jerome DeCoteau, Derek DeCoteau, Anthony Bauer, Chris Gillis

Gross Score

1 Pat Thomas, Curt Keplin, John Lohnes, Rick Smith

2 Kirt Laducer, Loren Balkowitsch, Rob Gayton, Ryan House

3 Luke Spotted Bear, Max Spotted Bear, Carson Hood Sr., Carson Hood Jr.





BEST OVERALL FLOAT/THEME: Three Affiliated Tribes Head Start Program

YOUTH/CULTURAL GROUP: Three Affiliated Tribes Boys & Girls Club

BEST HORSE GROUP: White Shield Spirit Riders

DRUM GROUP: Bad Nation

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