Fall Frenzy

Oct 3, 2007 | Archives, Blog

Fall is harvest time, and here at the Fund, we have been busy working to bring in funding for scholarships, build corporate support for our programs, and build awareness about the importance of education in Indian country. In a way, we are harvesting our relationships… and to take the analogy of harvest and growth a bit further, planting bulbs that will blossom in the spring when it comes to creating new relationships.

I have spent much of my time these past six weeks visiting tribal colleges across the country to learn about their needs. As I travel, I have the opportunity to meet our students, from the young to the old. As I hear these students’ stories of struggle and determination for an education to build a better life, I always come away from my travels humbled with the task that I have been given, and awed at how the American Indian College Fund creates hope for all ages in our community.

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