Your Help Still Needed for Flood Relief!

Jun 7, 2011 | Archives, Blog

Thanks to your support, the American Indian College Fund is raising money for immediate relief for flood victims in Montana and North Dakota for food, clothing, potable water, medicines, and more. But the need and the situation worsens. As of Sunday, 300 families were staying in shelters on or near the Crow Reservation in eastern Montana, with many more preferring to stay with family members, with as many as 30 people sharing a home, says Jana Sweeney for the Red Cross on the scene. Sweeney notes that many are without food and drinking water.

As of Monday, many families returned to the reservation to start the work of repairing their homes and property, but still must stay in a shelter, which has been moved from Billings, which is 80 miles from the reservation, to the Crow Multipurpose Center on the reservation.

As the flood waters have not dissipiated, people are without drinking water and sewer systems, according to a spokesperson for the Crow Agency.

To make matters worse, heavy rains have been drenching the state, and are expected to continue on Wednesday and Thursday, causing officials to brace for a second wave of flooding as heavy snows in the mountains melt with the warmth and added moisture.

In North Dakota, the dams are 98% full and record flooding is expected as water is released, creating a scene that officials say they have not seen since the 1950s.

Your help is urgently needed to help our tribal college communities that are being impacted by this unprecedented situation.

Please consider giving an additional gift to the American Indian College Fund’s Flood Emergency Relief fund to help those in need today!

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