College Affordability Study

This national study explored college affordability for Indigenous students as part of a thirty-month grant from the Lumina Foundation received in November 2019 by the American Indian College Fund (College Fund).

The National Native Scholarship Providers ((NNSPs) – College Fund, Cobell Scholarship Program, American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and American Indian Graduate Center*) collaborated to conduct this research project.


Who We Are

Research Team

American Indian College Fund Dr. David Sanders – Vice President for Research, Evaluation, and Faculty Development

Cobell Scholarship Program Dr. John L. Garland – Director of Research and Student Success

American Indian Science and Engineering Society Dr. Johnny Poolaw, Director of Student Success

American Indian Graduate Center Dr. Corey Still, Director of Research

Research Consultants and Support

Dr. Meme Kinoti, Associate Professor, Regis University

Dr. Jameson Lopez, Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Julia Mosconi, MA, Assistant Director of Research

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