Computer Science

Indigenizing technology for seven generations

Strengthening Connections Between Tradition and Technology

Computer science education provides students with skills and opportunities needed to thrive in today’s increasingly technological world. The College Fund’s Computer Science program addresses both the urgent needs and abundant interests of TCUs to create new and expand existing computer science programs rooted in place, aligned with community values, and adapted to workforce needs. With computer science, Native nations can exercise sovereignty by creating tribally specific solutions and efficiencies in the safety net needed by its citizens.

Computer Science Programs

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TCU Computer Science Capacity Building
Active Program Dates: 2021-2025
Through the generous funding of private donors, the four-year $2.7M TCU Computer Science Capacity Building program provides the opportunity for TCUs to build institutional capacity through increased computer science education that strengthens tribal sovereignty.

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Standing In Our Power

Standing In Our Power

The Standing in Our Power Ojibwe cultural project is working to reduce the impact of the long history of cultural genocide. The project aims to provide women with the opportunity to learn cultural roles and teachings to take back power and reclaim their sacredness as women.

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